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Israels & Neuman’s Recent FINRA Filing on Behalf of Ashville VFW Discussed on CBS WTAJ News


Israels & Neuman, PLC recently filed a FINRA Arbitration claim on behalf of the Ashville, Pennsylvania VFW Post against Next Financial, related to alleged theft perpetrated by former broker, Douglas Simanski.  The FINRA claim was discussed on CBS WTAJ News on November 1, 2016.  The story discusses how the VFW was victimized by Simanski.


Simanski defrauded numerous Pennsylvania investors, aside from the Ashville VFWs.   Israels & Neuman represents the Ashville VFW, as well as several other victims who lost money with Douglas Simanski and Next Financial Group and is currently offering Free Consultations to other potential Simanski victims.  Contact Aaron Israels or David Neuman at (720) 599-3505.


The news report states:


VFW out $120,000 After Scam

By Kelsie Metzgar |

Published 11/01 2016 05:34PM

Updated 11/01 2016 05:35PM

Ashville Borough, Cambria County, Pa.


A local man targeted a VFW post and now the veterans say they’re out more than $100,000.

“We were under the impression that the money that we had invested in 2008 was still with Next Financial,” Ashville VFW Post quatermaster Dave Seymore says.

Eight years later, the veterans with the Ashville VFW in Cambria County, found out the funds were no longer there.

“They were in an E-Trade account, which was not part of Next Financial, so we do not have our money.”

The man responsible they say, is a local man, Douglas Simanski.

WTAJ asked the U.S. Attorney’s Office about the investigation into Simanski and the missing money.  They confirmed saying, “We are conducting an investigation, but cannot comment beyond that.”

The VFW says they have monthly meetings and first found out about this when they went to repair the parking lot.

“We had money set aside for those repairs, along with the parking lot.  When we went to assemble those funds we found out we were missing the base $120,000.”

Seymore says everyone started looking into where the money went.  He goes on to tell us that Simanski didn’t just target the VFW post, “There’s a reported 22 to 25 other individuals or groups with the same issues.”

Seymore calls taking the veteran’s money unfortunate.  However, he tells us that the post’s doors will remain open.  He says with the help of small fundraisers, they are not in financial trouble, but they aren’t able to help their community as much, “Our community service work is almost to a stop because we don’t have the funds.”

Those with the post say they have turned to attorneys.  They hope to get their initial investment back.

We spoke with Israels and Neuman, the group representing the VFW, along with two others who were victimized by Simanski.  They said they filed a claim on behalf of the VFW against Next Financial.


CLICK TO VIEW TV NEWS VIDEO:  VFW out $120,000 After Scam




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