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FINRA Seeks to Beef-Up Use of BrokerCheck

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FINRA Seeks to Beef-Up Use of BrokerCheck

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February 13, 2014 By Trevor Hunnicutt Investmentnews.com Finra on Thursday advanced a revised proposal that would require brokerage firms to include a link on their websites and other online communications to BrokerCheck, the database that includes broker disciplinary records. The Financial Industry Regulatory Authority Inc. would require brokerage firms to display links to BrokerCheck, “on ...


Will Twitter Follow in the Footsteps of the Botched Facebook IPO?

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Of the many failures of the Facebook IPO, was the company’s aggressive share price increases just before its initial public offering.  While Twitter has dubbed its IPO as the “anti-Facebook IPO,” the Los Angeles Times is now reporting that Twitter is engaging in the same practice by increasing its stock price to between $23 and ...


IIED Defense Case in the Westword/Tom Martino

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Successful Outcome for the Tom Martino case on summary judgment: http://blogs.westword.com/latestword/2013/01/tom_martino_bankruptcy_settlement_negotiations_lawsuit.php?page=2...


Court Ruling Goes Against Securities America

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Investmentnews.com Late Friday afternoon, a federal judge in Dallas failed to approve a $21 million class action settlement between Securities America Inc. and clients suing the firm over private placement investments that went bust. The hearing for the proposed settlement was closely watched. As part of the proposed settlement, dozens of clients suing Securities America in ...


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