Losses with Debbie Cavanaugh of Centaurus Financial in Kalispell, MT

Debbie Cavanaugh with Centaurus Financial Investigated by SEC


Did you lose money with financial advisor Debbie Cavanaugh with Centaurus Financial in Kalispell, Montana?  She is also known as Debbie Lee McKenna Cavanaugh and was recently the subject of an investigation by the SEC for potentially violating Regulation Best Interest.

The Securities and Exchange Commission alleged that Cavanaugh may have failed to comply with the care obligation of Regulation Best Interest while she was affiliated with Centaurus Financial.  The SEC mentioned that the product involved was “debt-corporate” but did not specify if GWG L Bonds were involved.  Additionally, she has been the subject of two other customer complaints involving the sales of real estate investment trusts (or REITs) with prior firms.

Debbie Cavanaugh has been an affiliate of Centaurus Financial since February 2020.  She was previously registered with Independent Financial Group and Securities America and worked in a Kalispell, Montana office.

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