Losses with Mitchell Biernick of Arive Capital in Ronkonkoma, NY

Mitchell Biernick, Formerly with Arive Capital Markets, Barred by FINRA


Have you lost money with financial advisor Mitchell Biernick, formerly with Arive Capital Markets in Ronkonkoma, New York?  Israels & Neuman is reviewing a regulatory action filed by FINRA against Mitchell Biernick, who was recently barred by FINRA from the securities brokerage industry after he failed to respond to a FINRA investigation.

It was alleged in FINRA’s AWC that it was investigating potential unsuitable investment recommendations while Biernick was associated with Arive Capital Markets.  Biernick refused to appear for on-the-record testimony and therefore was barred by FINRA.

Mitchell Biernick had been licensed with Arive Capital Markets from July 2015 to December 2021 while working in Ronkonkoma, New York.  Biernick had also been affiliated with Newbridge Securities, J.P. Turner, and other firms since 1996.  Biernick was also the subject of two customer complaints.

Because Mitchell Biernick was licensed through a FINRA member, he was obligated to follow FINRA rules, which includes Rule 8210 – requiring brokers to respond to FINRA investigations.  Firms like Arive Capital Markets can be liable to investors for damages if they fail to reasonably supervise their representatives pursuant to Rule 3110.

Our securities arbitration law firm has represented over one thousand investors who lost money because of financial advisor misconduct.  Although we have offices in Denver, Seattle, and Phoenix, we represent investors throughout the country, including investors in New York.

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