David Neuman Re-elected to PIABA

Attorney David Neuman Is Quoted in Numerous Media Sources Regarding PIABA’s Report on Non Attorney Representatives


Attorney David Neuman and Attorney Andrew Stoltmann recently co-authored a report on behalf of PIABA (the Public Investors Arbitration Bar Association) regarding non attorney representatives representing investors in FINRA (Financial Industry Regulatory Authority) arbitration.  Andrew Stoltmann is currently the President of PIABA, and David Neuman is currently on the Board of Directors of PIABA.


The report discusses the various issues with non-attorney representatives (or NARs) in FINRA arbitration.  These issues include the fact that NARs do not have an ethical code of conduct (like attorneys do), often do not have malpractice insurance, do not have the benefit of privileged communications with clients, and that NARs’ disciplinary histories are not available (like many state bar associations do with attorneys).


Several media sources have written articles about this report, and some have quoted David Neuman regarding this report, including:


  1. Financial Planning, written by Ann Marsh (Jan. 4, 2018);
  2. Law Professors Blogs Network (Dec. 21, 2017);
  3. Financial Advisor Magazine (Dec. 19, 2017);
  4. InvestmentNews (Dec. 18, 2017); and
  5. com (Dec. 18, 2017).


(David Neuman has no relation to Jonathan Neuman, who is quoted in the Law Professor Blogs Network story).  A copy of the PIABA Report can be found here.


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