Losses with Richard Blosser of Wells Fargo in Westlake Village, CA

Richard Blosser, Formerly with Wells Fargo, Barred by FINRA


Have you lost money investing with Richard Blosser, formerly with Wells Fargo in Westlake Village, California?  Our securities arbitration law firm is examining allegations made by the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (FINRA) against Richard Blosser.  FINRA barred Blosser from the securities brokerage industry after he failed to adequately respond to FINRA’s investigation.

Richard Blosser had been working with Wells Fargo from November 2015 to October 2019.  FINRA was investigating Blosser regarding trading in preferred stocks and closed end funds, as well as Wells Fargo’s supervision of such.  After Blosser failed to cooperate with the investigation, FINRA barred him from the industry pursuant to FINRA Rule 8210.

Richard Blosser worked in Westlake Village, California office.  He then worked with Wedbush Securities from October 2020 to June 2021 and had also been in the securities industry since 1988.  Blosser had also been the subject of two customer complaints.

Under FINRA Rule 8210, registered representatives must respond to FINRA investigations.  A failure to do so often results in being expelled from the securities industry.  FINRA Rule 3110 also requires that securities firms like Wells Fargo adequately monitor their representatives.  If a firm like Wells Fargo fail to provide sufficient supervision, the firm could be responsible for financial damages.

Israels & Neuman represents investors throughout the U.S., including investors in California.  We have represented over 1,000 investors throughout the U.S. and have sued dozens of different brokerage firms, including Wells Fargo.

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