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GPB Capital Announces Another Delay in Releasing Audited Financials


GPB Capital has been in the news again, and once again it is for negative news.  GPB Capital announced last week that it was again delaying releasing audited financial statements for its company.  This is in addition to the other recent news that GPB has been the subject of multiple investigations by securities regulators and has also been the subject of a class action suit alleging fraud.


GPB Capital raised over $1.8 billion from investors through investments sold by dozens of brokerage firms.  Brokerage firms have an obligation to sell suitable investments to their clients.  If the brokerage firm fails to do so, they can be liable for investor losses.  Brokerage firms also have obligations to perform due diligence on investments before they are sold to investors, so that the firms can disclose the risks and characteristics of the investment to their customers.  If a brokerage firm fails to perform adequate due diligence, and investors suffer damages as a result, the brokerage firm can be liable for losses.


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