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Victim of Sonya Camarco and Camarco Investments?


Victim of Sonya Camarco and Camarco Investments?

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Victim of Sonya Camarco and Camarco Investments?



Have you been victimized by the fraudulent conduct of former LPL Financial advisor Sonya Camarco?  If so, the investment fraud law firm of Israels & Neuman may be able to help.  Our law firm is based in Denver, Colorado and Seattle, Washington.  We regularly represent investors throughout Denver and Colorado Springs.


Sonya Camarco (formerly known as Sonya Fatchett) was alleged to have made unauthorized withdrawal from LPL customer accounts, by forging their signatures on account documents.  She worked for LPL but also ran a number of other business entities, including SDC Advisory and  Camarco Investments.  If you are a victim, you have several options.


First, victims can sue Sonya Camarco and LPL Financial in FINRA (the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority) arbitration.  LPL has arbitration clauses in their account agreements that may require you to arbitrate claims instead of filing the claims in court.  Victims can sue for alleged misrepresentations, unauthorized transactions (like unauthorized withdrawals), and unsuitable investment recommendations.


Second, if you did not have an account with LPL Financial, victims can sue Sonya Camarco and LPL Financial in court in the El Paso County district court.  If you are suing Camarco in court, your attorney must be licensed to practice law in Colorado.  Out-of-state attorneys will be unable to help you in court without affiliating with a local, Colorado-licensed attorney.  Attorney Aaron Israels is licensed to practice law and regularly practices in the district courts in Colorado.


Third, you can allow the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) to sue on your behalf.  The SEC can order Camarco to pay back restitution for any fraudulent conduct.  However, the SEC often does not collect on any restitution owed to victims.  Victims who are owed restitution through white collar crimes rarely get any money back, and it is often pennies on the dollar.


Israels & Neuman has represented over one thousand investors against brokerage firms, including numerous former customers of LPL Financial.  Our attorneys can meet Colorado victims in-person to discuss options.


If you feel you are a victim of Sonya Camarco or LPL Financial, CONTACT US for a free evaluation of your case.  Our attorneys will personally discuss all of your rights as an investor and the remedies you have related to your losses.


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