Barkley Lundy Jr. and PFS Investments

Have you lost money with financial advisor Barkley Lundy Jr. from Rapid City, South Dakota?  We are investigating recent allegations made against Barkley Lundy made by FINRA, the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority.  FINRA recently barred Lundy from the securities industry for receiving money from his brokerage firm customers and depositing the customers’ money into his personal account.  Lundy also had a list of monthly payments to each customer, with payments ranging from $101 to $4,258 per month.  This is a telltale sign of a classic Ponzi scheme.

Barkley Lundy Jr. was a financial advisor and registered representative of PFS Investments from 1992 to August 2014.  Many of Lundy’s victims were also customers of PFS Investments.

Broker-dealers like PFS Investments have a duty to supervise the conduct of their financial advisors.  If a broker-dealer like PFS Investments fails to adequately supervise their advisors and representatives, the broker-dealer may have liability for customer losses.  If you have lost money through Barkley Lundy or PFS Investments and want to hear about ALL legal options, please visit or call us at 720-599-3505.

Click here to view Barkley FINRA AWC:  Lundy FINRA AWC