Satyen Chatterjee and Strategic Capital Management, Inc.

We are currently investigating allegations made against Satyen Chatterjee.  Satyen Chatterjee was the sole owner and President of Strategic Capital Management, Inc. in Seattle, Washington.  The Washington Securities Division revoked Chatterjee’s investment advisory registration on June 16, 2014 after an investigation in which Chatterjee was alleged to have sold unregistered promissory notes to his clients.  It is alleged that he sold the notes to his clients, even after he defaulted on earlier notes in 2011, and failed to tell future clients of the previous notes’ failures.

Investment advisors have a duty to disclose all material risks of a recommended investment before making such recommendation.  A failure to adequately disclose the risks of an investment by the investment adviser could lead to liability.  If you have lost money through Satyen Chatterjee or Strategic Capital Management, Inc. and want to hear about ALL legal options, please visit or call us at 720-599-3505.