Losses with Jimmy Driggers of Morgan Stanley in Sarasota, FL

 Jimmy Driggers, Formerly with Morgan Stanley, Subject of Customer Complaints


 Did you lose money with financial advisor Jimmy Driggers in Sarasota, Florida? Our securities arbitration law firm is looking into claims made against Jimmy Driggers.  FINRA’s BrokerCheck reveals that Mr. Driggers has been the subject of four customer complaints, two of which have been made since 2020.

According to an April 2022 complaint, he recommended that a customer set up a line of credit with his firm, Morgan Stanley, in order to invest in outside real estate investments allegedly owned by Driggers and his family.  The complaint alleges $4 million in losses.  A 2020 complaint alleged that a customer lost money investing in “alternative” investments.

Jimmy Driggers had been with Morgan Stanley from 2008 to May 2021.  He was assigned to a Sarasota, Florida office and had been in the securities industry since 1985.

FINRA Rule 2111 requires that brokers make suitable investment recommendations based on the customer’s age, risk tolerance, investment objectives, net worth, and other factors.  Moreover, Morgan Stanley must reasonably supervise their brokers’ conduct.  If these rules are not followed, harmed investors can sue for investment losses.

Attorney David Neuman is licensed to practice law in Florida.  While we have offices in Denver, Seattle, and Phoenix, we represent investors all over the country, and we’ve previously had cases against Morgan Stanley.

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