Losses with Cynthia Beyerlein of Ameriprise Financial in Lancaster, PA

Former Ameriprise Financial Services Advisor Cynthia Beyerlein Suspended

LANCASTER, PENNSYLVANIA     Have you invested with financial advisor Cynthia Beyerlein from Lancaster, Pennsylvania? She was suspended for eight months by FINRA.  FINRA began its investigation of Beyerlein after she was fired by her brokerage firm, Ameriprise Financial Services.  She was under internal investigation by Ameriprise Financial Services, regarding allegations that she borrowed $190,000 from a customer.  Financial advisors generally cannot borrow money from clients, with limited exceptions, and the advisor must get prior approval to borrow money from clients.

Cynthia Beyerlein held her securities license with Ameriprise Financial Services from April 2014 to March 2023, and later went to Kingswood Capital Partners.  She worked in Lancaster, Pennsylvania.

Under FINRA Rule 3240, an advisor can borrow from a customer but only under certain circumstances.  Likewise, under FINRA Rule 3111, Brokerage firms are required to have written supervisory and compliance procedures.  If Ameriprise failed to reasonably supervise its advisors, it may be liable for customer losses.

Our firm has represented numerous investors throughout Pennsylvania and have sued dozens of brokerage firms in the past, including Ameriprise Financial Services.

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             View BrokerCheck Report here

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