Losses with Gary Harpe of PFS Investments in Farmington Hills, MI

FINRA Seeks to Bar Criminally Charged Farmington Hills Advisor, Gary Harpe

FARMINGTON HILLS, MICHIGAN     Did you invest with Gary Harpe, formerly with PFS Investments (Primerica) in Farmington Hills, Michigan?  Our securities arbitration law firm is looking into claims made by FINRA (the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority) against advisor Gary Harpe.  FINRA brought a complaint seeking to expel him from the securities industry.

FINRA started looking into Gary Harpe after he was criminally charged with larceny by conversion in Farmington Hills, Michigan for more than $1,000 but less than $20,000.  He has pleaded not guilty, and the case is still pending.  Harpe was terminated by PFS Investments (also known as Primerica) in 2023, and was with PFS Investments from 1998 to January 2023.

FINRA Rule 821 provides that advisors are required to respond to FINRA investigations.  Additionally, under FINRA’s supervisory rules, securities brokerage firms must adequately supervise their representatives.  If firms like PFS Investments fail to provide sufficient supervision, the firms could be responsible for financial damages.

Our firm has an office in Ann Arbor, Michigan and regularly represents investors in the greater Detroit area.  Moreover, attorney Aaron Israels went to law school in Detroit and began his law practice in Michigan.

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