Losses with Jesus Bravo of Joseph Stone Capital in Plainview, NY

 Jesus Bravo, Formerly with Joseph Stone Capital, Suspended


 Did you lose money with financial advisor Jesus Bravo, who previously worked with Joseph Stone Capital in Plainview, New York?  Our securities arbitration law firm is looking into allegations made against Jesus Bravo.  According to FINRA’s Disciplinary Database, FINRA had investigated whether Bravo was excessively trading or churning two customers’ account.

FINRA’s AWC with Bravo reveals that he allegedly engaged in excessive trading between March 2015 and September 2017.  Two of his customers had cost-to-equity ratios of 31% and 35%, respectively.  If a customer has a cost-to-equity ratio of 10%, that means the customer must make a 10% profit just to cover the costs of the trading.

Jesus Bravo was a representative of Joseph Stone Capital from August 2014 to March 2020.  He had also been licensed with Salomon Whitney, CBC Securities, and DMK Advisor Group, all on Long Island.   Bravo was the subject of a FINRA investigation in 2012, a New York investigation in 2013, and a 2016 bankruptcy.  Jesus Bravo also works as a psychic, according to his BrokerCheck.

Bravo and Joseph Stone Capital are subject to FINRA Rules.  FINRA Rule 2111 provides that stockbrokers have to make suitable investment recommendations.  Rule 2111 also provides that trades must be quantitatively suitable – that trades, taken together, are proper for a customer.  Trading accounts with high cost-to-equity ratios is likely unsuitable because it makes it nearly impossible for an account to make a profit.

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