Losses with Kevin Lawrence Kelly of Avantax in Atlanta, GA

Kevin Kelly, with Avantax Investment Services, Subject of Customer Complaints

ATLANTA, GEORGIA     Have you invested with stockbroker Kevin Lawrence Kelly from Atlanta, Georgia?  We are looking into two complaints made by former customers who filed claims against his brokerage firm, Avantax Investment Services.  Since August 2023, Avantax Investment Services has faced two customer complaints, both alleging that he sold their customers structured notes.  The structured notes allegedly lost $392,914 in one case, and $585,000 in another case.

From March 2021 to the present, Kevin Lawrence Kelly worked in a Atlanta, Georgia office for Avantax Investment Services.  He also previously was licensed through LPL Financial.  He also operated Resurgens Investments and Legacy Capital Advisors.

Securities brokerage firms are required by FINRA to perform due diligence on all investment products it sells.  If it failed to adequately perform due diligence on the structured notes, the firm could be liable for investor losses.


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