Losses with Angelo Anello of LPL Financial in Needham, MA

Angelo Anello, with LPL Financial, Subject of Several Complaints


 Did you lose money with stockbroker Angelo Anello in Needham, Massachusetts? Israels & Neuman is looking into claims made against Angelo Anello, with LPL Financial.  FINRA’s BrokerCheck shows that Anello has been the subject of four customer complaints, three of which have been made since 2021.

According to BrokerCheck, there were two customer complaints made during March 2023.  Both of the complaints alleged wrongdoing associated with “structured products” which were invested in between 2021 and 2023.  The structured products allegedly lost $84,538 and $100,000 respectively.  BrokerCheck also shows that Anello has been affiliated with LPL Financial in Needham, Massachusetts since 2009.

Stockbrokers must make investment recommendations that are suitable for the customer considering their age, risk tolerance, investment objectives, and other factors.  Failures to abide by FINRA’s suitability rules can subject the broker and his/her firm to liability for losses.

Our law firm has previously sued LPL Financial in FINRA Arbitration, and we previously have represented investors in Massachusetts and the Boston area.

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