Losses with Royal Gregory Fisher of SagePoint Financial in Traverse City, MI

Former SagePoint Financial Advisor Royal Gregory Fisher Suspended by FINRA

TRAVERSE CITY, MICHIGAN     As of November 2023, Royal Gregory Fisher has been suspended by FINRA.  He previously worked with SagePoint Financial and now works with McNally Financial Services.  He was suspended for two months and fined $5,000.

FINRA alleged that Fisher circumvented compliance procedures with SagePoint Financial and acted as a Power of Attorney for a customer who was not a relative, acted as a Trustee of the customer’s account, and was named a Beneficiary of the customer’s trust.  In particular, Mr. Fisher stood to inherit $100,000 from the customer’s Trust, and is also the executor of the customer’s estate.

Royal Gregory Fisher worked in Traverse City, Michigan.  He was licensed with SagePoint Financial from 2008 to April 2021, and with McNally Financial Services from April 2021 to the present.  He was also fired by SagePoint Financial regarding these allegations, and was also the subject of a 2023 customer complaint.

Stockbrokers like Royal Gregory Fisher must respond to comply with internal procedures of their brokerage firms.  A failure to do so could result in liability to affected customers.

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Fisher’s BrokerCheck report can be found HERE.  

Fisher’s FINRA AWC can be found HERE.

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